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The Box Borealis

by Moon & Pollution

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Drew Miller
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Drew Miller This album is absolutely brilliant in every way possible. The vocals are impeccably etherial in nature, and the production of beats and samples are exquisite. Don't pass this record up! One of my favorite 2015 LP's x Favorite track: The Magnetic North.
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My own Holding and trusting Follow the heart of Answer Thrill me Decide My own My own Holding and trusting Follow the heart of All night Listen Scattering My own Peace and Love Feel the answer You
Moving Scene 03:19
Focus shifting Eye is open Perfect timing now what will you say Sun is rising In its’ glory Stretching arms of light beyond the Way You want to call into it All the things you’ve done now You want to go right through it And you know it will always Be Oh you said you always wanted to Stories within faces you find Solid foundation becomes the fire Oh you said you always wanted to All the seasons turn into One song And the Elements surround us now All the reasons we came in for it And this fever that is growing hot Oh the growing fever Coming closer to the end now Balancing the need Giving all your Love away somehow Heart has gone astray All I can take Closer to the bend Closer to the break
Now Love be called How blood be drawn Turning darkness Shapeless wind Finding all the angles Against your skin We took the leap of faith - I felt it Name fell from the sky And landed on my tongue It landed as Love Now Love be called How blood be drawn Held the hand of darkness as the Moon is shining through The light will guide you to the edge of what you thought you knew What do you want to say to me now - That all the sacrifice would somehow Be enough to Carry To Carry Now Love be called How blood be drawn
We’re hearing Now Quiet as the dawn grows slowly Magnetic Northern sound Silencing Wind beneath the howl Wolves lingering Dyea is the name Holy cape and lore you know We’re hearing Now Listening in Love Hold this place The fever is too dark for My heartbeat If it wasn’t what you want Home Holy cape and lore you know
Let go Say come down easier I know the fear will wash away Won’t you say Come down easier I know the fear will wash away - it will wash away Oh you’ve got that fever rising Call the fight Mystified in hindsight Oh it calls you to, to get up and be it Move through at lightening speed Say you’re mystified Fear to let go Say come down easier I know that fear will wash away Won’t you say Come down easier I know, I know a better day A better day Got that fever rising high Oh You found the fire Feeling right in hindsight Say you’re mystified Let Go Let Go Fear will wash away Fear will wash away Say Come down Come down...Easier Gotta let it go Let Go
What secret words of simple pleasure The only way to find surrender Feel the beat now, find the movement You heed the sound so flows the current You want it so bad, you want it now (x3) Free in time I’m free Free in time I’m taking shape Symphonies fade out Symphonies fade away Free in time, taking shape A Symphony One escape Free in time, taking shape A Symphony is on the way up Free in time / taking shape Wanting all, the Great Escape When you listen closely, have you found a better way In a darkened hour, when the colors fade to gray Find simple pleasure in the sweet sounds abound Oh a new surrender when the melody is found
I Know 02:38
Small seed Releasing light It is Right Anna said it wasn’t safe And I can’t believe this light Is right She said it was Enough And now You call to me I feel the Light It is Right After all You Need Release In Fear
Come through my Love Now hear the voice That ran away Didn’t have a choice Became the Ghost Of what once was Now a disappearing act Back into the Dust Don’t lose yourself in it
Alter Eagle 04:03
Wasting all the words again Cannot get the point across All too familiar territory I’ve been in chains Here lie the ties that bind us Here lie, here lie the ties that bind I breathe, I breathe, I breathe this breath I need I follow this breath I breathe I bleed, I bleed, I bleed into this Light I see Alter Eagle sings her song Can you feel her heartbeat Carry on And on and on and on.. Here lie, here lie the ties that bind They bind us They bind us
Say it how you want to but I called it again You try to reach out I won’t let you in Now this feels empty Waiting to find out I’m turning the other way while You walk the Line Oh we know that this isn’t working The lonely quiet expands the rhythm You say that you’ll grow too And I’ll want to begin again All things that we’ve waited for Will start to begin You say that it’s easy I’ll hold you to that Remember the reasons of this Love Now I believe in that We find that we want to The new World will begin I feel that pulsing movement Lives under the skin I’m singing to you now So open those ears Get outside of your own head and release the tears that brought us here I know it isn’t what we wished for In one perfect moment All that we strive for A perfect harmony Harmony Harmony (2X)


---> CDs & T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE AT www.ftoitox.com/store

Moon and Pollution is the new electronic pop duo combining singer Molly Dean’s haunting, operatic vocals with producer Graham O’Brien’s (No Bird Sing) hard-hitting beats and rich, melodic textures. M&P debuted at the Bayfront Festival where Slug of Atmosphere asked them to play after hearing an unreleased track. Shortly thereafter, their song Alter Eagle was featured on the Season 4 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Moon and Pollution’s debut album The Box Borealis (F I X) will be released on January 27th, 2015.

“...beautiful and intriguing...” - The Listener’s Guild

“Entrancing...” - Andrea Swensson, 89.3 The Current


released January 27, 2015

All songs written by Moon & Pollution (M. Dean, G. O’Brien)
All songs produced by Graham O’Brien

Vocals and Lyrics by Molly Dean
Synthesizers & Samplers by Graham O’Brien
Drums by Graham O’Brien

Recorded by Graham O’Brien at Bellows
Mixed by Graham O’Brien and Adam Krinsky at Bellows
Mastered by Huntley Miller

01 The Box Borealis
Rhodes by Joe Strachan, Bass by Andrew Foreman, Guitar by Tom Nordlund, Keys By Molly Dean, Additional Vocals by Lydia Liza

02 Moving Scene
Guitar sampled from Robert Mulrennan's secret archives

03 Moon & Pollution

04 The Magnetic North
Guitar by Matt Leavitt, Keys by Molly Dean

05 Darkroom Double
Guitar by Tom Nordlund

06 Solace Sandwich
Bass by Casey O’Brien, Guitar by Robert Mulrennan

07 I know…
Bass by Andrew Foreman, Guitar by Tom Nordlund

08 I didn't look
Guitars by Matt Leavitt, Keys by Molly Dean

09 Alter Eagle
Rhodes by Joe Strachan, Guitar by Tom Nordlund

10 The Lonely Quiet
Rhodes by Joe Strachan, Bass by Andrew Foreman, Guitar by Tom Nordlund, Piano by Bartois


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Moon & Pollution Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moon and Pollution is a study in contrasts. The duo consists of vocalist Molly Dean and producer/drummer Graham O'Brien (No Bird Sing.) The two explore the combination of the melodic and abstract in this new venture. Dean's elegant phrasing and unique melodies fuse flawlessly with the hypnotic textures of O’Brien’s unforgettable live tracks. The end result is an accessible, engaging listen. ... more

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